Zoe's Anything Marinade 12 oz.

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Zoe's Anything Marinade has an Asian flare that can bring any food to life depending on how long you are marinating it.... not only is it a Marinade but it can also be used as a Stir fry Sauce ... take away the Soy Sauce and just use Zoe's Anything Marinade 

Try marinating Tofu, Roasted veggies, Beef Ribs, Pork Tenderloins, Turkey Breast, Whole Turkey, Duck, Chicken Parts, Pork Chops, and many other things. Marinate between 4 hours to overnight for better results. No need to add salt or extra ingredients. 

It is All-Natural and Gluten Free and extremely more flavorful than most Marinades on the market today. 


Red peppers, Soy sauce, Chipotles, Worcestershire Sauce, Seasonings, Spices, Black pepper

Contains: Wheat, Soy, Fish (anchovy)


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