Zoe's Burger Sauce 12 oz. (Pepper-razi)

  • $8.99

Zoe's Pepper-Razi Burger Sauce has flavors on top of flavors with a nice kick at the end... not just one kick, which is why we call it "Pepper-Razi" the peppers keep popping up - here, there, and everywhere. Add this to your Burger (veggie, beef, chicken, or turkey) and let this Sauce sing praises in your mouth... you won't be disappointed.

Zoe's Pepper-Razi Burger Sauce is the Sauce that tastes great on Sandwiches and Burgers, but I have had customers who have used it as a dipping sauce for their Fries and a basting sauce for their Chicken and even on Salads. So go ahead and try it on Tofu, Bean Burgers, Roasted veggies, Chicken Tenders and let us know what you think.

It is All-Natural and Gluten Free and extremely flavorful - like a kicked up Mayo


Soy oil, Eggs, Chipotles, Lemon juice, Mustard, Spices, Celery salt, Water, Red Vinegar, Black pepper, Citric acid

 We do not use a Mayonnaise base - it's created from scratch and it's deliciously spiced... it's like the hot sauce version for sandwich spreads

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