History of Zoe’s Sauces

I grew up eating/using Sweet Baby Rays, Kraft Food products, and many other sauces because that’s what my parents purchased. When I went away to college and had to cook for myself, I would use Sweet Baby Rays to make my nasty tasting food taste better without realizing how much sodium and sugar I was putting into my body.

After college, I attended Culinary school and worked as a personal Chef part-time for a Bridge party. The woman who hosted the Bridge party happened to be Bernie Macs’ grammar school teacher and she tasted one of my homemade sauces and suggested that I bottle it and put it in stores… 2 years later, I began mass producing it - Zoe’s Anything Sauce and Zoe’s Jerk BBQ Sauce was born. After 10 short years, I was able to get Zoe’s Anything Sauce into 10 neighborhood stores. I have been selling Zoe’s Anything Sauce for 6 years before I released the rest of Zoe’s line of Sauces

Zoe’s Anything Sauce is my favorite sauce because I worked on this sauce for 10 years before I started selling it to grocery stores but most importantly I enjoy it because I can use it on “Anything” -  it is low in sugar, low in sodium, low in calories, and much healthier than all the sauces I grew up using.

I believe in creating exceptionally high-end Gourmet Sauces that you will simply enjoy eating and using on a daily basis. 

Creation. I know that sauces with strange ingredients, preservatives, high sodium and high sugar content can cause all kinds of problems to your body over time - problems like diabetes, high blood pressure, and so much more - why sacrifice your health for mediocre sauce when you can have a great tasting Sauce that is healthier than all the rest

Development. Every Sauce I've ever created went through a year of research and development stage where I gave out free bottles of Zoe's Sauces and asked people what they thought of it... every comment and criticism I used and recreated my Sauces to fit your ideas of what you thought a great sauce should taste like. So purchasing any of Zoe's Sauces will be like buying something you created

For Great tasting Sauces in Chicago you've come to the right place 

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