12 oz. - Zoe's Hickory BBQ Sauce

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A traditional BBQ Sauce without the preservatives


Zoe's Hickory BBQ Sauce is a traditional BBQ Sauce without the preservatives and harmful additives that you would find in most BBQ sauces. The flavor of Hickory is pronounced but it is a great tasting Sauce that has a familiar flare. This Sauce is not like Zoe's Anything Sauce therefore it has it's own character and flavor profile - it's an old fashioned Sauce inspired by an old fashioned Chef


Ketchup, Brown sugar, Molasses, Tomato paste, Paprika, Hickory smoke, Garlic powder, Black pepper, Spices, Onion powder, Salt, and Mustard powder 

No corn syrup, No artificial colors, No preservatives, No additives, No gluten, and No GMO

Vegan ingredients 


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